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Helping companies improve performance
over the long-term

Who We Are

We know that running a successful business requires endurance and hard work. We’re sensitive to what smaller companies face, what they need and what they’re trying to achieve.

We have a history of helping companies improve performance over the long-term.

Several ways ICV has helped management teams add value include:

  • thoughtful strategies for growing top line revenues,
  • post-closing retreats,
  • strategy development,
  • best practices and benchmarking,
  • conservative balance sheets,
  • sourcing, funding and structuring key add-on acquisitions, and
  • fast, seamless closings.

We focus solely on companies in the lower end of the middle market and we learn from each relationship. Through a singular focus, we’re committed to the realities of growing a mid size business.

Our Mission

Is to generate attractive long-term investment returns for our investors by providing our capital and resources to our management team partners to transform their businesses and create personal wealth because of their success.

Our Core Values:

  • The 4 Hs: Honest, Humble, Hungry, and Hardworking.
  • Disciplined analysis, open debate and logic-based judgments in our investment process.
  • Building long-term relationships with our investors, management team partners, outside capital sources, and service providers.

  • Teamwork, inclusiveness and consensus decision-making.
  • Attracting, developing and promoting talented individuals who contribute to the firm’s performance and culture.
  • A commitment to diversity and making our communities a better place.

We provide real support, both operational and financial, so our partner companies are better prepared to achieve their goals

Focus on Lower Middle Market Businesses

Lower middle market companies are uniquely driven, entrepreneurial and focused. They face special challenges, often with limited resources. They can be more vulnerable to market fluctuations and to obstacles in executing their plans. We appreciate their ability to grow and outpace the competition in spite of their struggles.

ICV looks at lower middle market business problems and solutions through the lens of a supportive partner. We focus on businesses across the Business Services, Consumer Products, Food, and Healthcare industries. Because we are passionate about helping to build and strengthen lower middle market companies, we are focused on being supportive advisors to our management partners.

We Are Focused On Being Supportive Advisors.

Why Principles Matter

Through the years, we have helped our partner companies navigate competitive challenges and execute strategic initiatives for their future.

In the process, we’re proud to say we’ve earned a reputation of supportive collaboration with management teams. We consistently work to give genuine meaning to the phrase “value-added partner” through thoughtful analysis and assessment, fair dealing and respectful collaboration.

We know that our most valuable asset, our reputation, is influenced by every interaction. So we strive for high returns on trust in all our relationships, including with our partner managers, employees, capital providers, advisors and investors.

We encourage contact with our current or former management leaders, to learn of their experiences with ICV first hand. These references are available upon request.